• To ensure an efficient and equitable distribution and utilization of financial, material and human resources as necessary support inputs for technical/operational departments for the development of a sustainable information sector;



    • Mobilise and provide financial support to the Ministry.
    • Control and manage public funds voted by Parliament including donor funds in line with professional standards, the Public Finance Management Act, International Accounting Standards.
    • Coordinate preparation of the Ministry’s estimates of expenditure and revenue and the Public Sector Investment Programme in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act requirements.
    • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports for the Ministry
    • Monitor and advise on the financial performance of Parastatals’ programmes and projects.
    • Attend to issues raised by the Comptroller and Auditor General, the Accountant General and the Chief Internal Auditor on internal audit observations.




    • Procure goods and services for the Ministry in compliance with the Procurement Act and other Regulations.
    • Provide office accommodation
    • Asset Management
    • Transport Management and Control
    • Security
    • Attend to each client at the reception within three minutes of arrival and
    • Answer incoming telephone calls within three rings.



    Human Resources

    • Manage and control the establishment of the Ministry
    • Human Resources Development
    • Employee resourcing
    • Employee Relations – Grievance and disciplinary procedures
    • Health and Safety issues including HIV/AIDS