The ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services formulate and implement Dynamic media and Information policies that promote rights, the country’s development and national sovereignty.

This will be achieved though;

  • Administer information –related Acts for fulfilment and compliance
  • Disseminate information services to the citizenry on Government policies, programmes and other public issues;
  • Articulate Zimbabwe’s position and views on national issues;
  • Articulate Zimbabwe’s position and views internationally;
  • Support Government Ministries and departments in the development of information-related structures ; in the development and expression of national culture , as well as foreign national unity, identity, cohesion and consensus;
  • Promote excellent image for Government and country;
  • Provide rural information services to bridge the information divide;
  • Facilitate Fairs, shows and exhibitions;
  • Train information and media skills;


  • Develop policy and legal framework that promotes growth of a modern and vibrant information and broadcasting industry;
  • Develop and project a national view point;
  • Bridge the rural-urban , North-South information divide;
  • Articulate and promote Government policies and programmes;
  • Facilitate a two way communication between Government and citizenry;
  • Build a good image of the country;
  • Develop a diverse and plural media industry for Zimbabwe
  • Celebrate Zimbabwe’s cultural achievements and values ;