ED’s maiden UN speech hailed

Tendai Mugabe Senior Reporter
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa’s maiden speech to the United Nations General Assembly in his capacity as Head of State and Government in New York on Wednesday has received wide endorsement at home for setting a new approach to the country’s foreign policy and economic trajectory.

In his address, broadly followed by Zimbabweans, President Mnangagwa tackled Zimbabwe’s foreign policy position, land reform, current political situation in the country and his Vision 2030, among other things.

Some opposition leaders yesterday took to social media to attest that Zimbabwe was in good hands following President Mnangagwa’s inspiring speech.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, MDC-T vice president, Mr Obert Gutu said: “Very good address by HE President Emmerson Mnangagwa @ UNGA 73rd Session yesterday. Zimbabwe is indeed in safe hands.”

Harare based political analyst, Mr Richard Mahomva, hailed the President’s speech saying it marked a major shift from the confrontational and belligerent approach of his predecessor when seeking to advance Zimbabwe’s interests to the outside world.

“The presentation by President Mnangagwa projected the Second Republic’s aligned vision to terms of global interest,” he said.

“His view in moulding our economy to fit into the global value chain sharply articulates the vision he has for Zimbabwe’s industrial growth and commerce advancement. The speech serves as highlight to a new trajectory of Zimbabwe’s renewed terms of multilateral interaction.

“The President’s maiden statement is emphatic, a shift from aggression in negotiating our national interest and that approach will make Zimbabwe’s policies to be respectfully embraced at the same time giving them more political buy-ins.

“His presentation indicated his in-depth understanding of such platforms as spaces of negotiation and endorsement of contested national interest. Thus breaking away from the polemic posture associated with his predecessor in a way that shows Zimbabwe’s common vision with that of the whole world.”

Midlands State University Law lecturer, Mr Valentine Mutatu, chipped in saying: “I think he (President Mnangagwa) is consistent in his approach as it were. He has not wavered and I am sure he is sending the right message he has always been preaching since he took over not only recently, but since November last year.

“He is being bona fide, he is being genuine and we should just give him time.

“I am sure that in spite of whatever is happening in the country, he is sending the right message to the investors.”

One Leslie Manhombo said: “Good Speech Your Excellency lets do all we can together to build a better Zimbabwe!”

President Mnangagwa posted on Twitter yesterday following his address saying: “At the #UNGA I shared my vision for the new Zimbabwe and a peaceful, stable and united world.

“I spoke of the spirit of peace and tolerance in our country and of our commitment to playing a positive role as a free, democratic, prosperous and responsible member of the family of nations.”